Reshade & SweetFx Installation

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Hello Community,

i really want to know how to install a sweetfx for a game correctly.

On this website: are a lot of reshade & sweetfx presets.

At the Moment I’am playing “Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor”. The graphics of this game already looks amazing. But I found some presets:

Holy Mordor:
Enhanced Mordor:

Seems to be nice!

But I don’t know how to install it correctly. Must I install it with a reshade? Or just standalone sweetfx?

I tried a few options.

1. Standalone SweetFX: In this case I downloaded, as the creator of the presets uses, the version 1.5, extracted the zip file, copied all files from sweetfx folder to game.exe folder. In this case of the game is the “x64” folder. Downloaded the preset txt. File, renamed it to “Sweetfx_settings.txt”, started the game, pushed the “Scroll Lock” Key, nothing happens.
2. Copied the sweetfx files to game folder, put the downloaded sweetfx preset txt file to the folder “SweetFX/presets”, edit the Sweetfx_preset.txt file, started the game, same, nothing happens
3. Installed reshade first, after that copied the sweetfx files to game exe folder, overwritten everything, started the game, no reshade overlay, sweetfx doesn’t work either.

Hope you guys can help me out.
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