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TOPIC: never used how safe is it?

never used how safe is it? 1 month 3 weeks ago #1

Seen people over the years saying they get banned from sweetfx etc how is reshade in multiplayer games such as bf4, bf1, gta v, etc is it possible to get banned with reshade?
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never used how safe is it? 1 month 2 weeks ago #2

Since you are new to ReShade, I would honestly recommend that you google others' experiences using it in each game you want to use ReShade in until you are comfortable. I have used ReShade in BF4 and BFV for years. I've used it for dozens upon dozens of hours in COD MW 2019. I use it in all the Ubisoft games both on and offline (including Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Rainbow Six Siege, and For Honor). By far, most multiplayer games allow ReShade or simply don't care if the tool is used. It is very rare when a developer either blocks reshade or in EXTREMELY rare cases actually bans someone for using it. Most devs that don't want people using ReShade with their game will simply block the use of the tool so you can't launch the game with ReShade installed in the game folders. Simply deleting the ReShade .dll file will allow the game to launch normally again. Usually the devs will announce publicly when ReShade is "banned" in their game, but that usually just means blocked, not that you will get banned for using it. I believe Rockstar games are one of the few exceptions where you maybe can't use ReShade when playing the online modes only, but as the literal thousands, probably literal millions of youtube vids on GTAV graphics mods showcases with ENB and ReShade show, using modding tools in GTAV and Red Dead Redemption is very much possible and ok (at least offline. I implore you to google about Rockstar game's in particular if you plan to use ReShade with the online mode. Regular mods will certainly be banned from use in the online modes, but ReShade doesn't function like regular mods, and is usually allowed in online games whereas regular mods aren't).

I personally never play games without ReShade anymore unless forced not to, so I try to install it in all my games, multiplayer or not, as soon as I see I can successfully launch the game once without ReShade installed. To be clear, ReShade DOES NOT modify any game's vanilla files, so it is very safe and easy to install and uninstall without risk of destroying your vanilla game install.

I've been using ReShade in countless games for about four years now, I think, and the only games I've ever heard of blocking ReShade are literally countable on on hand:

PUBG, Destiny 2, Squad (and probably any game from that developer), and like I said, maybe, GTA V, but please see my note about GTA V above that counters the relevancy of this). Others can add a few to this list, I'm sure, but I'd wager the number is under 10 for like 1000s of relevant game releases across the last decade or so.

Hope this helps, bud!

ps: Just because a game won't seem to launch with ReShade at first doesn't mean ReShade is blocked from it. In 99 percent of cases, a game crashing to desktop on launch with ReShade enabled is simply caused by an install error or certain in-game settings that need to be changed before launching ReShade with that game. For me, for example, I have to put every game I play into Borderless Windowed mode or ReShade will CTD in any completely Fullscreen game. Older titles that don't have borderless windowed mode natively can be forced into BW mode through third party tools from regular windowed mode, fyi (I use Borderless Gaming from Steam, which is a paid tool I believe, very cheap, full disclosure). I and many others also have to rename their ReShade .dll file from the standard "dxgi.dll" to the specific directX version the game is using, "d3d11.dll" for directx 11 or "d3d12.dll" for directx 12 games (or modes), for example.

Also, many games' anticheat software isn't updated to allow the latest or later versions of ReShade in many cases when they first launch or if the game isn't updated often. Once a certain version of ReShade is approved in a game's files, people say that version of "whitelisted." Getting around this is easy, you just need to use a slightly older ReShade build, which won't impact your end user experience too drastically in most cases unless we're talking about using ReShade 3.0 versions versus 4.0 versions, or going back many steps, like ReShade 3.0.2 versus 3.1.2, for example. Anyway, here's a repository that someone keeps of all previously released ReShade versions (you will likely need this at some point in your ReShade journeys, but most ReShade preset authors should tell you which version of ReShade you'll need to use and if there are caveats like needing to rename the ReShade files, etc. And always ask if you have questions or run into issues installing/launching: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/8ar1jhh1809cl/ReShade_Repository

This may sound overwhelming, but installing ReShade takes me literally under a minute in most games now, maybe 5 minutes in total if I have to trouble shoot.

Merc (I'm the TheMercsAssassin on most other sites)

ps+: Don't take offense if some people (especially on Reddit) attack you if you ask this question in the future. It's only that it's been asked so many times in the past, and answered thoroughly, that some folks lose their shit if anyone ever asks it again, lol.
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