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Rtic Hard Cooler 45 Quart: A Thorough Review

Do you like going camping or on picnics with your family? What is the one important thing that you must have every time you go out like this? Exactly - a cooler! Finding the best cooler these days seems to be an easy task because there are many models to choose from Best cooler on the market. You are very likely to get a recommendation from one of the products of Yeti.

Yeti is renowned for making some of the most durable and best-insulated coolers. Of course, the high price comes with great quality. Most of Yeti’s products are quite expensive. That is why I want to introduce you to a similar product at a more affordable price - the RTIC 45-quart cooler.

It might not be 100% the same as Yeti’s, but I can assure you that the construction and ice retention time are two impressive features that make this unit stand out among others of its class. Without further ado, let’s get started on my RTIC 45 review!


As its name suggests, this unit can hold 45 quarts - or about 40 pounds of ice or frozen food. This is the most popular size for coolers, as it’s small enough to carry along yet big enough to store up to two days’ worth of food. These advantages are what put the RTIC 45 on the list of the best coolers to have on road trips.

The construction has a solid feel at first sight. This is thanks to the rotomolded construction - the feature that has given Yeti a good reputation. Here’s how the rotomolded method works: The mold is rotated as the plastic is poured in, resulting in a cooler with minimal weak spots. This also helps lengthen the ice retention time and improve insulation.

The traditional process of forming a cooler tends to make the coolers break more easily because it simply contains a series of plastic fused panels that form the outer shell. Coolers made using this method tend to be less durable and their insulation capabilities are reduced significantly.

The rotomolded process is expensive, which explains why some of Yeti’s products tend to cost more than others of its class. On the other hand, RTIC targets daily adventurers and travelers, which is why the price is more affordable.

The RTIC 45 cooler is relatively lightweight - about 25 pounds empty. It features bear-resistance technology and a locking system to keep what stored inside safe from falling out when being moved.

As for the latching system, it is quite nimble yet still able to secure the cooler well. Though this cooler is advertised as being bear-resistant, I doubt that a fully grown bear wouldn’t be able to tear the cooler into pieces if the bear really wanted to. Of course, things like that hardly ever happen; however, if it does, you must be very unlucky, my friend.

The drain spout is easy to clean and there’s a freezer gasket lid to prevent leaking.

  • Three-inch insulation
  • Made from rotomolded plastic
  • Nice-looking exterior
  • Quite lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Bear-resistant
  • Some lids don’t sit flush, which causes leaking
  • Short warranty

The RTIC 45-quart cooler is a good alternative to Yeti’s higher-priced products. This cooler has received a lot of reviews from former customers, most of which are positive. Check them out!

A customer named Greg said: “This cooler has been holding this ice for more than ten days and is still going. It’s insane! You have to understand that I cannot get over how good it is at such a low price. I own 4 myself!”

There were also suggestions regarding what RTIC should change: “This product is amazing. However, can RTIC notice the number of customers who reported that this cooler needs decent wheels?! 2020 is your year! I hope we will get to see a hard cooler with wheels soon.”


We have mentioned that Yeti’s products cost quite a lot. I’m going to dig in deeper by comparing a Yeti product - the Yeti Tundra 45 - to the RTIC 45-quart. Which cooler is better? You’re about to find out.

It is obvious that the RTIC 45 was designed to replicate the Yeti Tundra 45 at a more affordable price. Both models look pretty much the same, at the size of 45 quarts. Not only that but they also use a similar producing technique - the rotomolded process.

The ice retention time of the RTIC comes very close to that of the Tundra 45, but at the same time, it costs almost $100 less than the Tundra. In fact, though they are the same size, RTIC 45 still looks a bit bigger than the Tundra, which bumps up the ice life a little. The RTIC 45 can keep your ice from melting for about 5 ½ or 6 days. Impressive, isn’t it?

Even though the cooling time is not as good as its counterpart, the RTIC 45 still seems like a pretty good deal to me.


Always remember to keep your cooler clean after using it. Wash the interior carefully and gently after storing frozen food or even just ice. This will keep your cooler clean and smell-free as well as extend its shelf life.

The capacity of this cooler is 45 quarts. To keep the cooler working well, you shouldn’t try to stuffin more food and ice when the cooler is full. In fact, most coolers work best when they are not completely filled up.


I hope that Best ice cooler reviews of the RTIC 45 has helped you learn more about this product. All in all, the RTIC 45 is a great cooler to have, considering all the features it shares with Yeti’s products, at a more reasonable price.

If you have any questions or want to share your thoughts with us, don’t hesitate to comment below. Thank you for reading.


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