Understanding of Union and Struct in Data Type

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Hi Arjun,

I want to give answer's of your question the difference between Structure and Union. As these two are the user-defined data types.

Difference Between Structure and Union

1. Keyword

The keyword ‘struct’ is used to define a structure whereas ‘union’ keyword is used to define a union.

2. Memory Allocation

Separate memory space is allotted for the members within a structure and members have different addresses that do not share memory. A union, on the other hand, shares the same memory space for all its members so shared memory location is allocated.

3. Member Access

A union stores a single value at a time for all its members making accessibility to only one member at a time. While multiple values can be stored in a structure so any member value can be accessed and retrieved at any time.

4. Size

The size of a structure is equal to the sum of the size of all members or more, whereas the size of a union is equal to the size of the largest size member.

5. Initialization

In a structure, several members can be initialized at once, while in a union, only the first member can be initialized with the value of its type.

5. Value

A structure can store different values of all the members and change in the value of one member will not have any effect on the values of other members. While a union stores same value for all its members and change of value of one member will affect the value of other.

Here is the coding example:


struct Person
int height;
double weight;


union Person {
int height;
double weight;

To know more and the benefits of these user-defined data types, you can read out this post .
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