Chain ReShade with another ReShade or overlap depth buffers?

2 years 4 days ago #1 by max0ski
To make this all as simply as possible I have included a video here to explain the problem I am having. Basically whenever iron sighting in fallout new vegas the depth buffer with all the world info is replaced by just the fps hands. so whenever you iron sight reshade thinks the entire game is made of your fps hands which makes for really bad on/off toggling to reshade fx.

My first idea was just to use 2 reshade instances, so i can access those two separate depth buffers. I read in a recent update that you can chain another dll after reshade but I couldn't manage to figure out how to do it. The other option is to somehow get the second buffer after the clear on top of the first buffer. Any way for reshade to do that? Access two buffers at once?

Thanks for anyone who has time to reply to me, I have read older posts talking about similar things but its been a while since then so I figured id make another thread.

Much love,


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