How do you use ReShade 4 with My Time in Portia?

2 years 4 weeks ago #1 by joey3155
I'm trying to get ReShade 4 working with My Time in Portia. I got it installed I can access the GUI with no problem but I have no idea what to do afterwards. I used ReShade 2 a long time ago with Banished and it was so easy to use you select your filters and in the GUI were the various options for the GUI and tooltips on what they do. This is very counter intuitive. I have a few filters active but I have to right click them and choose edit and then it loads this notepad looking file and I have no idea what the hell any of these values are.

Is there anyway to use this like ReShade 2 and change the settings from the GUI in real time? I just want to remove the terrible dark blue filter MTiP applies at night, make the colors more vivid, and fix how the game looks on cloudy and overcast days.

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