Risen 2009 - inclusion Ambient Light Type, need a help with this.

11 months 6 days ago - 11 months 6 days ago #1 by Densolobol3
How to put this in Risen game, this empty in Engine.dll, can anyone help me add it, need to replace this enum:

// eCShaderDefault.BRDFLightingType
enum eEShaderMaterialBRDFType
eEShaderMaterialBRDFType_Simple = 0x00000000,
eEShaderMaterialBRDFType_Complex = 0x00000001,
eEShaderMaterialBRDFType_WrapAround = 0x00000002

On this enumeration, she should look like this:

// eCShaderDefault.AmbientLightType (deprecated)
enum eEShaderMaterialAmbientType
eEShaderMaterialAmbientType_None = 0x00000000,
eEShaderMaterialAmbientType_Simple = 0x00000001,
eEShaderMaterialAmbientType_Complex = 0x00000002

ps: The XFX_AMBIENTLIGHTTYPE shader macro now depends on the shader version: eCShaderVersionDefault_2_0 set it to 0x00000001 (Simple) and eCShaderVersionDefault_3_0 to 0x00000002
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11 months 5 days ago #2 by Densolobol3
Guys, who can make a Rim Lighting for Risen 2009?

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