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Use multiple .ini was created by Scurl
I am pretty new to the ReShade stuff and always just used a single reshading mod for Witcher 3.
After time I felt like it's just too dark and I got myself some other stuff - which all work great. I got the Immersive Lighting and the Escape-Reshade for it, but I feel like I need more AA, so I also got the Improved AA Reshade from Sildur. After adding that to the folders, the only checkbox I see on the ingame overlay is for the SMAA and it doesn't seem to load the escape.ini . When selecting the escape.ini again nothing happens and the SMAA checkbox remains the only thing in the overlay.
How do I use Escape Reshade and the SMAA Reshade (and possibly others) together, since I can only load one .ini at the time?
I tried adding the content of the AA Reshade to the Escape.ini, but same outcome.

Only escape.ini Reshade

After adding SMAA reshade from Sildur
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