Shader for Ambilight(LED strips)

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Shader for Ambilight(LED strips) was created by masterkiller7
Hi guys,

is it possible change the shader for example of a game so the ambilight (led strips) change the colour without affecting the real image of the game?

Im asking this because im using the ls 100 strips from corsair and all the shown colours are washed out they are only displaying right colour if im cracking up the different colour options from reshade ingame but this looks awful.

Edit: Or is it possible to change everthing displayed at once, so that i change the monitor colour back to normal and the ambilight reacts correctly.

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4 months 3 days ago #2 by Tojkar
Replied by Tojkar on topic Shader for Ambilight(LED strips)
The software controlling the leds takes the colour from somekind average from an area of the screen. Not from a single pixels. Thus, it is impossible to create a shader that only affects the leds (excluding those single pixels) but not the screen output. The only thing you can do is to tweak the led settings, if there is any.

I do not understand your second question, so cannot answer to that.

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