Burnout Paradise Preset

7 years 1 month ago - 7 years 1 month ago #1 by MaxG3D
Burnout Paradise Preset was created by MaxG3D
Hi :)

After seeing the new NFS trailer I felt the need to replay some good ol' Burnout Paradise. Gameplay wise, this game will probably never get old to me, graphic wise - well, there was some room for improvement. So here's my (rather subtle) ReShade preset for it. I highly suggest to play it with the "sunset" setting since it's the only time of a day that have somewhat realistic colors (Green tint at day, grrrr).

Also, I edited the bloom shader making it wider by increasing the offset and changing the final result size. I'm not a coder but to me everything looks alright, I would be glad if someone more advanced in shaders magic took a look into that.

Anyways, here's some screens:

Download: www.dropbox.com/s/s6kvwjhjaaba4b9/Modern...set%20MaxG3D.7z?dl=0
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