Chrome with Reshade 4.19 (Work with ANGLE D3D9 on "chrome://flag")

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2 years 7 months ago - 2 years 7 months ago #1 by minhthienmap Chrome with Reshade 4.19 (Work with ANGLE D3D9 on "chrome://flag") was created by minhthienmap
Attention: ANGLE D3D11 on Chrome will cause black screen when run Chrome with Reshade.
Attention: MPV.exe hook Reshade with D3D11
 You can run Reshade 4.19 new version at the moment (26/06/2021).
Before install reshade for Chrome.exe.
You need open Chrome -> type chrome://flag on address bar To open "Experiments"
At "Experiments" you search "ANGLE" and then choose D3D9.
After that you can run reshade , select all plugin and install to chrome.exe. 
Open Chrome and you will see Reshade 4.19 on the left top of the chrome.

But but, you can't press Home to open Reshade GUI.
So I will use another games with Reshade 4.19 (Same version) to edit and create preset.  Or you can use Video player like "MPV"
After that, I copy Reshade.ini and Presets folder from  that games or that video player (mpv)  To  My Chrome.exe directory.
Boom. You open Chrome again and see , it load and apply effect that you have set up in another games (or video player mpv).
I hope you enjoy color ehancement or HDR effect for play Videos on Youtube, Facebook,...

 Here is some picture
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