How to MXAO?

1 month 2 days ago #1 by Vedixsz
How to MXAO? was created by Vedixsz

I'm trying to reshade Guild Wars 2 and i am happy with what I've got so far however I would really like to use MXAO as it adds quite a bit of detail to foliage and it looks awesome.
The issue I'm having is that the effect seemingly disappears whenever I start moving. When i stop again it comes back. It's a very noticeable pop in when it comes back so I really wouldn't play like that. I have tried messing around with the settings on it a bunch but nothing stops the effect from disappearing when moving. 

Could i have misunderstood the effect perhaps and it's only meant to be used for screenshots? If so, is there any other effect that can give me the same or a similar effect that can actually be played with? 
I'm new to reshade in case it's not super obvious lol.

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