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Does reshade have any “Underwater Effect” shaders for “water and fog” like “Marty McFly” fix below… that can turn off “underwater fog and underwater color tint, etc...” by going to fog options settings, or possibly can lower the water alpha by going to a colors>water colors setting?

I got a problem Like in the attached photo for the Heretic II shader.ini I try to make for  that old time Windows 95, DirectX6 game.that I have wrking with resade now using
“Heretic2 v1.07  “DirectX6,ddraw, and DXGL”  to make reshade work on Heretic II.  

Reading so many Posts later! — Someone wrote—” Possibly something that can allow water color in Options > Video settings > Shaders > Shader options > Color > Water color.”

My values are Red = 0; Green = 0; Blue = 255 ; Intensity = 0.80; Alpha = 0.50.

Any help would be appreciated. I rather ask before messing with everything!!!

I really like to change the color of the water when underwater, so you see the color of the textures as they appear above water... (as if there was no water), but with slightly blurred effect maybe?

Thanks in advance...

Does reshade have a default kind of Shader like: MasterEffect???
Underwater Effect
Preset for PixelJunk Eden
Created by Solano
Added March 31, 2015
Updated 15 Jun 16:36 CEST
Shader used: MasterEffect
Preset description:
This Shader Preset creates an underwater atmosphere for Eden.
It has a flowing water effect and a tiny bit of chromatic aberration.

This preset does the high quality water effect.
“Underwater Effect Contrast” makes the game a bit darker to get some Deep Sea feeling.
You can use both Effects to achieve a deep sea look or stick to the this preset which does the water effect only. Both effects work separately.

Get Underwater Contrast for PixelJunk Eden for darker contrast!

How to install: Download ReShade + Framework here: reshade.me/#download
Start ReShade Setup.exe. Click the Button that pops up.
Browse to the directory where the eden.exe is. Apply.

Download this preset file from here.
Rename it “McFX_settings.cfg” and
replace the existing file in the ReShade Folder (...Steam\steamapps\common\pixeljunkeden\ReShade).



The ReShade Team: Crosire - Ceejkay.dk - Marty McFly - Ioxa - JPulowski - LuciferHawk

underwater photo link: underwater light blur photo link


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