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  • 8randnewcity
12 Apr 2024 16:29
Reshade not saving settings, tried everything was created by 8randnewcity
I'm using ReShade on the latest version of the Sims 4. When I first installed the latest version, the effects wouldn't even work (no change in the game) alongside the settings not saving upon relaunch. Did some digging, enabled write permissions - full permissions, even - for all application packages, resricted application packages, user, all of it! to the bin folder that the Sims 4 is stored in. No dice, presets would still not save. Unchecked "read only" on the bin folder. Still nothing. Switched to an older version (5.3.0) as suggested by some sims-specific guides, double-checked that everything had write permissions, still nothing. Made sure important files (reshade.ini specifically) in the bin folder had their write permissions enabled, they did. What's going on here and how can I fix it? Reshade is definitely still useable this way, but I could get a lot more out of it without having to change the settings every single launch.
  • NeuroticPixels
02 Apr 2024 10:09
Warning: Spoiler!

Warning: Spoiler!

^ Those are my reshade.ini and preset file. Using it in Cyberpunk 2077. Version 6.1.0. I've tried disabling each effect and the fps is still terrible. The fps only shoots back up when I disable Reshade via keybind. Can't recall if this started happening shortly after I updated to 6.1.0.
Any ideas?
  • errorunknown
29 Jan 2024 16:43
This is usually an issue with write permissions for the directory the files are in, especially because your game is installed in "C:\Program Files". I don't want to give you advice on how to edit your directory permissions so you'll just have to research that on your own.
  • Aztec2012
26 Jan 2024 13:40
Take the same error
  • HandsomeRob
09 Nov 2023 15:32
So I've used ReShade for Lord of the Rings Online for a few years now. I was having the same issue. What worked for me was running the installer and completely uninstalling ReShade. Then I ran the installer again 'As Administrator' so it had all the rights at the beginning. After that it worked perfect. I hope this helps you out!
  • Swampster
17 Sep 2023 01:17 - 17 Sep 2023 01:55
Hi folks,
I'm hoping somebody can nudge me in the right direction to fix a problem I seem to have when using Reshade with Starfield...
I'm pretty newly back into PC gaming after a 7/ 8 year hiatus with consoles, so apologies if I'm a bit dumb with some of this stuff... 

OK, so basics...
I'm playing Starfield via the XBox app, cheapskate playing via GamePass 
The game works perfectly fine without Reshade installed.

I'm trying to use: Quantum Reshade  (currently ver: 1.65)  
Which is basically a preset, and requires the installation of Reshade (currently using ver: 5.9.2_Addon)

I'm following the instructions provided by the preset author to the letter. however, when launching the game, it initially starts up... the launch windows opens with the title screen and jumps into full screen mode with the start menu. Clicking 'Continue' or choosing a save file to launch opens up the file with a loading screen and right at the point it would fire up the actual gameplay it crashes straight back to desktop.

Oddly, I did have the preset working a few days ago but it stopped working when Bethesda released a patch a day or two ago and I've not had it working since. I've uninstalled Reshade, reinstalled etc... to no success. 

I do have a bunch of other mods installed, and again the game works fine with these mods and without Reshade. If any of these mods are causing a problem with Reshade, then I would imagine it's the first two in the list. Unfortunately, they're not something I'm willing to ditch... at least not until Bethesda is willing to integrate DLSS 3.5 properly.
  • Starfield Frame Generation - Replacing FSR with DLSS-G
  • Upscaling Fix
  • Achievement Enabler
  • 60 FPS - Smooth UI
  • Enhanced Dialogue Interface
  • Enhanced Player Healthbar
  • Enhanced Subtitles
  • EXE 
  • Improved_Transit_signs
  • MissonMenuQOL
  • Scanner Encumbrance Display With Time
  • StarUI Inventory
  • Undelayed Launching
I do have a Reshade log file, if that's any use... though it doesn't say a great deal to me but that's where I refer you back to me being dumb comment I made earlier    
But I have highlighted the 2 warnings... If that helps...

Warning: Spoiler!

*** Apologies, I've tried again and and again to try and stop the forum mangling the formatting....

So if anybody has any ideas? I'm all ears...

  • hypercypher
15 Jul 2023 02:51 - 15 Jul 2023 04:06
Replied by hypercypher on topic Unable to save current Preset
(this message is removed by the editor)
  • ThirdhandTaters
28 Jun 2023 13:18
Possible preset saving bug was created by ThirdhandTaters
First off, I titled this as a "possible" bug because I don't know how ReShade handles saving setting. Yesterday there was a new update for Marty McFly's iMMERSE Pro suite. Before anyone tells me to go ask over in their forum/discord I have already, hence why I am here now. So I moved the new files for iMMERSE into the reshade folder for Final Fantasy 14 yesterday, tweaked some of the setting to my liking, and played for a few hours before retiring for the night. This morning when I loaded up FF14 the specific lighting debug view for RTGI was enabled and a few of the settings were reset back to default, not all of them though. I reported the possible bug over on the RTGI Discord and with some help determined that it wasn't RTGI nor iMMERSE that had the issue, maybe. The help also came after I redid the settings and then manually saved my preset within ReShade, but for a reason that I'm unaware of not all of the settings were saved for RTGI yesterday before going to bed. I have been using ReShade since 4.7.x or 4.8.x and am currently running 5.8.0. The help over on the RTGI Discord suggested that ReShade didn't have permission to save to the preset file, but I informed them that my presets were saving correctly before the latest update to iMMERSE and that there were zero hardware or software changes from yesterday to today, hard to do that in my sleep. I'm not sure if this has been reported or not and Idk what files I could provide to help determine if this is ReShade issue or something wrong on my end, hardware or software. Again, the only ANYTHING that was changed was the newer files for iMMERSE being copied and pasted into the ReShade shaders/textures folder.
  • LyroCFA
17 Jun 2023 22:35
I’m now having this issue too I’ve done everything from the other forums going into the ini file going to security allowing all and it’s still not working.

I just downloaded a lot of mods and it was working fine before. I’m not sure what to do so I’m just gonna have to delete it for now.
  • MagoRoberts
30 Apr 2023 23:49
So i used to use reshade quite alot on the game 'The Sims 3' however after having troubles with the game i stopped using the game and reshade for a while but since im able to get the game up and running again i wanted to try and get reshade working again however i keep getting the same annoying error message and no matter what steps ive found online to try and get rid of it, nothing seems to work.

I've tried the:
In the properties window click on the Security tab then click on Edit.
- On the Permissions window click on the Add button to open the Select Users Group or Groups window.
- On the Select Users or Groups window you can enter the usernames i.e.,everyone.
- Then, click OK.
- Select Full Control by placing a check mark on “Allow”
- Apply the settings.

Method but that doesn't work. What else is there i can try and do to try and fix this or at the very least get the error message to be gone because using presets still work...

Is it because my whole Sims 3 game is in administrator mode? is it because i have to run my sims 3 game and EA app with them being in a ransomware folder?

Im not sure how to fix this as ive never had this problem before and all other troubleshooting tips ive found online dont seem to work.. if anyone needs more info for you to help me im happy to provide.
  • Relle
26 Apr 2023 04:17
Replied by Relle on topic unable to save preset
Did you ever solve this problem? I am trying to do this for my Sims 4 game, but I already gave myself permission.
  • Relle
26 Apr 2023 04:16
Did you ever get help with this or did you ever figure it out? I am trying to do this for my sims 4 game but nothing is working.
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