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  • crosire
17 Jan 2023 19:19
The preset path in specified in ReShade.ini, can manually fix it there.
  • biggy
17 Jan 2023 10:02

I get the error "Unable to save current Preset" due to no writing permissions. I know this is related to permissions but that is not the problem. My problem is that I run mpv player from my F:\ drive but the message from reshade states it has no write permission to the folder in the G:\ drive. But I don't even have a g:\ drive...

Maybe the drive was named g:\ before have no clue. I don't want to reinstall mpv because I took me many hours to implement SVP in MPV player it's finally working. 

Any way to fix this?
  • silly2452
31 Dec 2022 04:39
Replied by silly2452 on topic Unable to save current Preset
that was happening to me so i decided to just delete reshade. i deleted all the files but that error message is still there at the top at all times. pls help what do i do???
  • mewojas
27 Dec 2022 06:23
unable to save preset was created by mewojas
"unable to save configuration and/or current preset. Make sure file permissions are set up to allow writing to these paths and their parent directories:
(those arent the real path names im just too lazy to type it out)

the thing is, reShade did not install a ReShade2.ini or a ReShadePreset.ini to my game folder so idk how to go abt thisthis is on the sims 4 btw
  • Lilen77
16 Dec 2022 19:07 - 16 Dec 2022 19:09
Reshade and Chrome was created by Lilen77
I recently enabled WebGL for Chrome. The moment I started it back up I got a cute little huge red letters making it impossible to read or figure out my tabs at the top saying 
"Unable to save current preset. Make sure you have write permissions to" Yeah you get the idea. I have never installed reshade for Chrome or web browser games (can you do this?) Outside or disabling WebGL (rendering google earth useless) how can I fix this? Honestly I did not think you could put Reshade on Chrome.
  • MizMeowGi
12 Dec 2022 19:51
Issues with screen turning black was created by MizMeowGi
Hopefully someone can help me with this. I am using ReShade with Cyberpunk 2077 and my screen turns completely black. I have tried different versions of reshade and nothing seems to work. I cannot pinpoint where the problem lies. Running the game without reshade it works so it has to be something with reshade. I have tried 4.7, 4.8, 4.9, and the newest versions. I was using a preset but even removing that it still doesn't work. Can someone please help me or let me know what possible reasons are that this is happening.

I have searched google and have tried loading into different save, drinking booze and drinking at a bar, also tabbing out. Nothing work, game is unplayable. I can, however see the game when i click tab to see quickhacks. but normal viewing I see nothing.
  • LostMan_SVK
17 Nov 2022 01:18 - 17 Nov 2022 01:28
I installed Reshade to MOHAA with API OpenGL and after running the game, it crash. So where's problem?

Edit: Ok I somehow half-fixed but only through reshade.ini and remove presets and activate again in game, but if I want play again game with saved presets, it crash again
  • davidtk
21 Sep 2022 18:42 - 21 Sep 2022 18:59
Replied by davidtk on topic and no profile blinking all time
Thank you but I am sorry but I made it several times.
Can some saved profile for effects where i am sure that I dont use any depth3d things redownload this and active it?
I am really sorry for bothering you.

I tried DELETE all depth3d and VRtoolkit from that saved reshade preset and when I activate it and restart game, BAM again BACK and still bothering, its fifty : fifty that text will dissappear :(
  • deton244
29 Jul 2022 18:02 - 29 Jul 2022 18:05
Only ini are accepted, while all presets on are still downloadable as txt by default. It forces you to manually change the extension to .ini at this point.
However, if you run the game, txt presets are visible in the game directory and work as intended.

  • AxolotlAvery
06 Jul 2022 21:52
I have been using ReShade for around a year and only started having this problem today when I updated it. ReShade started crashing my game when I changed presets so I updated it and it stopped crashing and then this new issue presented itself. If it's important I have ReShade installed for the Sims 4. There are technically two issues that I'm having. The first issue is that every time I open the game ReShade pauses to "install" and then has me do the tutorial again. Then the second issue is that none of my settings save. It's been so long since I last changed them that I don't remember if there's supposed to be a save button because, if there is, it's not there. I change my screenshot key and path and also hide the screenshot message, but every time I open the game it's reverted back to how it was when I downloaded it. I tried googling it and saw that it was because I needed writing permissions or to run the app as an administrator. I tried running it a few times as an admin, as well as uninstalling and reinstalling it, to no avail. I have no idea how to give myself writing permissions and I'm also confused as to why it's making me do this this time when I haven't had to do this previously. 

Apologies for any mistakes in this post, it's my first time posting here and my game is making me very frustrated.
Thank you for any help you can give. 
  • A.
26 Jun 2022 20:22
When pressing "Clean up and save current preset" while transitioning between two distinct presets (with preset transition value greater than 0), wrong values are saved to disk for the transitioning techniques.
  • Timedeomn2000
29 May 2022 10:22
Replied by Timedeomn2000 on topic Reshade Preset Error Message
The post is a couple of months old but I hope someone finds this helpful. I had the same issue and I figured out a fix. 
So what I did to fix the problem was to change the profile to the ''ReShade.ini'' from the arrows at the top of the shader options in-game and then the options were saved. the second time I restarted the game I had an issue where the preset wasn't the ''ReShade.ini'' but another one but using the little arrow keys on the top left of the shaders options menu you can switch between them on the fly. Hope it was useful. For any questions or clarifications, you can reach out to @timedemon2000 on Instagram.
  • crosire
02 Apr 2022 14:57
Good catch, that button should not be visible in performance mode. Fixed in .
  • A.
23 Mar 2022 01:36
When pressing the floppy disk button 'Clean up and save current preset' while the Performance Mode is enabled, all shader settings are lost, because the preset file has been overwritten with only the header (and for some reason RadiantGI.fx, if installed). After disabling Performance Mode again, you will see that all variables are reset to their default values.
  • WafflesLizard
10 Mar 2022 02:13
Reshade Preset Error Message was created by WafflesLizard
I am playing STALKER Anomaly and I am having the issue of the red error message "Unable to save current preset. Make sure you have write permissions to D:\MO2-Copy\overwrite\bin\ReShadePreset.ini" across the top of the screen. No matter what I do it does not work. I have unchecked "read-only" and have also checked it under security permissions and the error persists. I have even made sure to grant my user permsion to all of the files contents. The shaders will work if I enable them in game but I don't want to play with that on the screen.
  I have Mod Organizer 2 running my mods and a seperate Anomaly folder with the current reshade installed to it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  • Kissa101
01 Mar 2022 18:32
im on fs22 andi cant even found that file from x64
  • bobalazs
20 Jan 2022 19:23
Replied by bobalazs on topic Unable to Save current preset
right click reshade.ini , properties - click on the Security tab then click on Edit.
- On the Permissions window click on the Add button to open the Select Users Group or Groups window.
- On the Select Users or Groups window you can enter the usernames i.e.,everyone.
- Then, click OK.
- Select Full Control by placing a check mark on “Allow”
- Apply the settings.
  • bobalazs
20 Jan 2022 19:22
by default it is not read only and not hidden, so what you said isnt much help.

you can take ownership of reshade.ini in the game's folder.
right click the file, properties, security tab. edit - add - change every one

In the properties window click on the Security tab then click on Edit.
- On the Permissions window click on the Add button to open the Select Users Group or Groups window.
- On the Select Users or Groups window you can enter the usernames i.e.,everyone.
- Then, click OK.
- Select Full Control by placing a check mark on “Allow”
- Apply the settings.
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