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  • pizzadox
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04 Sep 2021 11:35 - 04 Sep 2021 11:39
Replied by pizzadox on topic stopped working on source engine

stopped working on source engine

Category: Troubleshooting

i dont have insurgency intalled sorry.. but the thing is yesterday its was working and now its not, i just got kicked by vac in the middle of the game.

the thing is i dont use any anti viruses or firewalls, even windows firewall is disabled. the only programs i run is amd driver and realtek sound driver, noting else

edit: tried now to use it again without enb and its not working, i tested the following games- counter strike source, garrysmod, tf2, l4d2. theyre all not working without enb
  • Servile_Misanthrope
  • Servile_Misanthrope's Avatar
27 Feb 2021 11:34
Reshade doesn't work with any game was created by Servile_Misanthrope

Reshade doesn't work with any game

Category: Troubleshooting

Two games that I've tried to get it to work with tonight are 'Star Trek Voyager - Elite Force' and 'Call of Duty'.  In both instances it says installed successfully, and the files and reshade-shaders dir are there, but nothing is affected in-game.  Pressing Shift+F2 does nothing, nor does pressing 'Home' key.  And there is no indication otherwise that it is installed.  I've tried reading a number of posts here for clues and one suggested deleting the ReShade.ini file - didn't work.  One suggested changing the input key - that didn't work.  Also, I think the ini file isn't being set up properly, because there is only a [GENERAL] section, and no other section.  

I'm on Windows 7.  I don't have Citrix installed.  I turned off my Anti-virus to see if that was the issue (either interfering with the install, or the operation of), and it still isn't working.

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.
  • Aiolia
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25 Sep 2020 12:25 - 26 Sep 2020 16:45

[SOLVED] Reshade not working with Witcher2

Category: Troubleshooting

When I install the last version of Reshade (4.7.0) the game won't launch and I get the 0xc0000005 error.

I did choose the right exe (the one in /bin), select the correct api (Dx9, even the installer don't let me choose another). I did check if I got the last version of directX and .Net. I tried removing all the overlays (steam, antivirus). Nothing changes.

I played this game 3 years ago with reshade and it was working. I already tried to do a clean install, set as administrator rights, no success.

EDIT: installing the game from GOG instead of Steam works with reshade. If it helps someone ...
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