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15 Sep 2019 21:28
As to the nv*.dll, it could be a DLL from your graphics driver, so I'd recommend reinstalling the graphics driver.

It almost sounds as if you have put DLLs in a system folder when installing ReShade..? The ReShade files only go where the game's EXE file is. Downloading single system DLLs to fix problems with your system can also be dangerous (viruses). Just install ReShade into the game directory, and when you don't want ReShade to load, just rename the dxgi.dll. But don't ever touch your...
Category: Troubleshooting
14 Jul 2019 12:05
I've been trying to fix this game for a while now and I'm just about to give up.
Reshade works for plenty other users on this game, and I've even used these people's own dlls with no success. I've been going through a lot of games and been able to fix every single one of them, be it dx9, 11, an older version from the reshade repository, afterburner, whatever, but I just can't get this one going.
The game is Dx9, but a user mentions it only working if he has both dxgi and d3d9.dll in his main....
Category: Troubleshooting
05 Jul 2019 12:54
Ok, I found the Issue :angry: apparently in my pc was isntalled an antivirus called "Segurazo" which I was unaware of (which, by the way, was causing my cpu to spike to 70(100% usage). I removed it and now crashes are gone :pinch:
Category: Troubleshooting
04 Jul 2019 11:05
It sounds like it's being quarantined by Windows Defender or another anti-virus tool. I don't know if a custom rule will work for WD but you can go into its quarantine and say 'restore file' to reverse it.
Category: Troubleshooting
15 Jun 2019 14:21
The setup you downloaded is corrupt. Download from the home page here and make sure no anti virus software is interfering.
Category: Troubleshooting
04 May 2019 01:40
Using ReShade version 4.0.2 (cause its whitelisted with the EAC for the game) with the sanctioned realm works great, but crashes on the modded realm during launch. The difference is that the sanctioned realm has EAC and the modded realm allows any mods from the steam workshop.

What Ive tried:
  • Several versions of reshade from 3.1 to 4.X
  • Disabling anti-virus
  • Renaming dxgi files to d3d11
  • Verified im using dx11 and not dx12
  • Disabling all mods in the launcher
The error from the log below is
| ERROR |...
Category: Troubleshooting
02 May 2019 07:02
I've been trying to get Reshade to work for Rocket League on my PC for over a month now, I've given up multiple times but I keep coming back to it. The normal shaders work fine, but those who require the depth buffer don't. Everyone who I know who uses Reshade on Rocket League has no issues. I seem to be the only one with this issue because I can't find anything similar on Google.
There are very few things left that I haven't tried. You guys are my only hope right now and I would highly...
Category: Troubleshooting
26 Mar 2019 15:30
Maybe your anti-virus deletes ReShade DLL.
Try to update its definitions
Category: Troubleshooting
19 Mar 2019 22:29


Windows: Every version from 7 onwards are supported. DirectX End-User Runtimes must be installed.
 Some users reported issues with other versions than windows 10, so this one is highly recommended.
Linux: Seems like ReShade is supported on linux thanks to a recent DXVK update for Wine.
 Make sure you have a Vulkan-compatible GPU.
Mac: ReShade is currently not supported on iOS systems. No updates are planned for that.

Category: Troubleshooting
19 Mar 2019 22:24

Easy Troubleshooting is a comprehensive collection of all those issues that might occur while dealing with ReShade.
The goal is to explain, in the easiest way possible, the nature of the problems and the way to solve them.
If you have any kind of suggestion or question, feel free to reply!

This guide was not created with the purpose to compete against "Common Issues and Their Solutions"
Easy Troubleshooting has been designed as FierySwordswoman officially...
Category: Troubleshooting
07 Mar 2019 15:38
Thanks for answering!
I guess its real to enable depth buffer because my friend DID it earlier. Check this video:
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

He is not profi and he actually doesnt know why it worked for him.
Maybe modify reshade.dll? I heared that reshade has some kind of antivirus in case of not using it as cheat. What about this way? Ugh...hard
Category: Troubleshooting
02 Mar 2019 13:10
Disable anti virus and other overlays, installed Reshade 4.2 into game exe with each type of API (separate) but no matter what I do, there's no cue for Reshade, and pressing Shift F2 doesn't work. And there's no extra ini file to change keys to open Reshade in game.

Also question, why do the dll's for each API (dxgi.dll, open32, ) all have the same code in them?
Category: Troubleshooting
02 Mar 2019 04:35
crosire wrote:
Windows Defender has already whitelisted 4.2, you just need to update it: www.microsoft.com/en-us/wdsi/definitions
Since this comes up every release, it might be worth putting at the top of a release post in big bold caps that any virus detections are false positives due to the way Reshade works as an injector.
Category: Releases
01 Mar 2019 21:40
Just tried to download this and windows 10 pops up a notification saying that this is a virus


Alert Level: Severe

Category: Trojan.

is anyone els getting this?
Category: Releases
26 Feb 2019 10:19
Many players are complaining that the game is deafening to desktop without an error message. There are some users who have reported that this occurs after launch, while others face it when they get to a precise game region (Skyhold). It has been said that Dragon Age: Inquisition was accepted by the users of the license, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a game without any issues. There are many reasons for this error like third-party antivirus is crashing the game, vsync and tesselation...
Category: Troubleshooting
26 Jan 2019 16:39
It does download it, Defender just quarantines it and removes it from the download folder immediately.

Go to Settings -> Windows Security -> Virus & Threat Protection. Click 'Threat History'. Under the threat it thinks it detected (which is a false positive with Reshade) click where it says 'Severe v' and choose 'Allow' or 'Restore'.
Category: Troubleshooting
25 Jan 2019 10:02
I came up as a culprit of ReShade being a Trojan Virus (Trojan:Win32/Zpevdo.B after windows defender updated. I had to put on an exclusion to this so that I may redownload and install it back to my FFXIV game file. I wonder if it was just a antivirus false positive? Most likely is since I've never had an issue with ReShade before. ;) ;)
Category: Releases
24 Jan 2019 09:16
It is the same thing every single time. Why are people still surprised?..... For 4.1 I contacted the major antivirus companies before publishing, so that at the time it went online most had already whitelisted the new version. For 4.1.1 I didn't do that in hopes that those tools would be intelligent enough to realize nothing major has changed. Unfortunately some antivirus software is still not learning from its mistakes and I have to contact them on every single release. It's annoying. So props...
Category: Releases
24 Jan 2019 06:05
A lot of people at VirusTotal are voting it unsafe but none of the AV are flagging it.
Category: Troubleshooting
24 Jan 2019 05:14
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