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ReShade + SweetFX manual was created by JPulowski
Hey everyone,

As some of you already know we have a survey for the upcoming ReShade + SweetFX manual, which you find here . It is still too early for a manual since ReShade is in beta and it changes very quickly. In my opinion, it is healthier to publish the manual after ReShade becomes more stable. Also the current results show that the community wants a wiki page/format for a manual rather than the classic format of .pdf and .txt files. So maybe instead of a manual, we might create a ReShade wiki, which allows shader authors to write their own instructions, guides etc. In addition, a wiki is a collective work so the community itself might contribute to its creation which is better than a manual written by a selected few, in my opinion.

Some results from the survey: (As of January 17th)
  • SMAA (74%), LumaSharpen (70%), Vibrance (67%), Curves (53%) and Lift Gamma Gain (44%) are the most used shaders by the community.
  • Advanced CRT (2%), Explosion (2%), Monochrome (2%), Cartoon (5%) and Border (7%) are the least used shaders by the community.
  • 77% of the community use SweetFX for more than a year.
  • 72% of the community do not know anything about HLSL/GLSL language. And only 4% know it the best.
  • 84% of the community manually tweak the shaders, 39% of them use presets. (Also includes people who do both.)
  • 68% of the community want a wiki format, 40% want a .pdf format and 19% want a .txt format for the manual.
Please feel free to your share your suggestions or questions about the manual on this thread. :)
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