Help with lighting?

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Hi everyone! I need some advice. So, I make reshades for old gamecube/wii games and a problem that I always run into is, I use bloom for lighting and I will find an appropriate level for an area and it will look beautiful, but some areas/characters that contain a lot of white, so they end up being wayyyy to bright.

An example

Im cool with everything but the girl with the white hair pretty much, but if I balance the game around her, area's where I like the bloom tend to suffer.
A great way to bypass this is if the shader could not bloom white things, but I have no idea if I can do that or not. o.o

Another option is if I could just ditch bloom all together and find another way to improve lighting. Dolphin doesn't natively work with any of the depth based shaders, they have to be ported to dolphin by the developer of a unofficial build of dolphin by the name of tino, so some of the options aren't viable atm, but I do have access to global illumination, DOF, and ssao.

So any advice for me? I would gladly appreciate any yall could give me.

Oh and im using the latest mediator for my effects by the way.
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You could compile your preset into a LUT and then manipulate it in Photoshop so that your preset only affects the color ranges you choose. (also make your preset have zero performance impact). This is done using the TUNINGPALETTE shader. To generate a LUT using your preset, open mediator and do an offline preview, hold L then screenshot.

Basically enable the bloom effect, generate the LUT, then select the highlights color range, around 255 with 40% fuzziness or so, and mask it with a slight feather. Then your bloom will not effect the extreme end of the highlights. I would experiment with Spherical Tonemap as well, just set strength to 0.1-0.3. Then use a weaker bloom.

If you want, reply back with your bloom settings and I could see if it's possible with a LUT.

Here is an example of the result of a LUT. Notice how I preserve the highlights?
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