How to use 2+ TuningPalette LUTs at the same time?

5 years 4 months ago #1 by MonarchX
I use TuningPalette CustomFX shader/effect to calibrate my monitor's colorspace, which is rather poor and ICC profile colorspace / color gamut information does not apply in games. Hardware OSD Settings are very limited even for grayscale calibration alone. TuningPalette so far has the been THE ONLY way for me to experience games with a fully calibrated and very accurate image. HUGE Thanks and Kudos and all the feeling of joy to ReShade developers and appropriate parties for making such calibrations possible! :) :) :)

The only problem I have is that many ReShade and ReShade + ENB Presets utilize their own specific LUT (for TuningPalette) to create the desired visual effect. I would like to experience that effect but only if it could be applied on TOP of already-calibrated & accurate image, which means both LUT's would have to be applied, which AFAIK is not possible :dry: . Is it possible to apply MORE THAN ONE TuningPalette LUT and utilize my Calibration TuningPalette LUT as the base on top of which ReShade Preset TuningPalette LUT would be applied? That is the only way to get a proper effect that knowledgeable ReShade and ENB Preset modders/makers intend to provide, but of course, only if they use their hardware OSD settings to calibrate their displays before creating those custom TuningPalette LUT's. I know not all of them do, but I also know many of them (usually top-best) do use hardware-calibrated IPS displays (which tend to have accurate colorspace / color gamut by default) to create such custom ReShade Preset TuningPalette LUT's.

If it is not possible to apply 2 TuningPalette LUT's at the same time, then can such a feature be integrated by developers :blush: :blush: :blush: ? I hope ReShade developers can see how it would be very important to those who care for image accuracy and want to experience ReShade Presets with custom TuningPalette LUT's the way they were created on initially calibrated displays. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it happen :silly: :side: :silly: :) - in the spirit of upcoming Xmas and the fact that I got a major Speeding Ticket and need some cheering up :lol: !

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5 years 4 months ago - 5 years 4 months ago #2 by Ganossa
If stacking your LUTs is the requirement, you can easly do that with the mediator.

Assuming you have two configured LUTs ( A & B ).
1. Replace the "ColorLUTOrig.png" in "/ReShade/CustomFX/Textures/" with LUT A
2. Replace the "CFX_ColorLUTDst.png" in "/ReShade/CustomFX/Textures/" with LUT B
3. Run the mediator offline preview while having the LUT feature of the tuning palette shader activated.
4. Press L+prtscr (by default) to capture LUT B applied on LUT A. You can find the resulting LUT .png in your mediator root folder :cheer:

Hope that will help you.
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