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TOPIC: Help with Pixelart_Crt

Help with Pixelart_Crt 3 years 11 months ago #1

Hi, I have a major problem with the pixerart_crt shader. Does anyone can use it properly ?

I tested with different combinations of emulators, indie games etc.
The effect is really unaccurate even if i tweak the values of config file

Concerning pixelart games I know that it has to be perfectly scaled with an integer ratio
A typical 320*240 scaled to a 1080 monitor will be 1280*960 the ratio is *4.

For example
Locomalito's « The Curse of Issyios » ( great game btw ) wich native resolution is 320*232
I create custom mode ( my monitor is 920*1200) : 1600*1160 so the ratio is *5
and I check it with a grid. It's perfectly scaled but the result is a mess.

I can « cheat » a bit if I change the « PixelArtCRT_fixed_resolution » to 231 instead of 232 it works better but it's not accurate on every lines,

Surprisingly, I have « perfect results » with winUAE whereas there's an offset of two pixels if I apply a grid to an unfiltered picture. It makes no sense !

Maybe it would work if we could shift the picture before applying the effect, who knows....
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