Shader effects for High Clarity Image.

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4 years 4 months ago #1 by Mikeblitz
Hi, i was messing around with reshade for warframe, so i wanted to ask if you guys can share any good high clarity as in bright and vibrant style shaders in general?

i tried filmic pass, it got that reddish overlay, DPX wont work either. I tried using both vibrance and HDR but the lighting is too bright with that effect on.

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4 years 3 months ago #2 by Irkie500
Oh man it took me a while to get a solid warframe preset. From memory I use:

SMAA - Needs pretty high corner rounding to work well, make sure to turn off SMAA predication as the depth buffer is locked in Warframe as its a multiplayer game.
Ambient Light - Lots of tweaking here, unsure of my current settings from memory. I dont use any of the dirt lens or lens flares, cant stand them.
Tonemap - I like heavy saturation and vibrant colors to get rid of that gray filter that is on almost every game nowadays.
LiftGammaGain - Try 0.960 for shadows and 0.0980 for midtones, no change to highlights. Helps to darken the shadows for a darker feel.
Vibrance - Keep it to 0.15-0.20 no individual color adjustments here.
Curves - Try 0.25 with method 3.
LumaSharpen - 2.25 on sharpening strength, 0.045 clamp, 0.8 offset.
Gauss - I use unsharp mask only, 0.12 strength, Sigma set to 1, and quality at max.

Hopefully that gives you a solid starting point. I dont use HDR at the moment because I couldn't get the lighting to look right, the sun and stars blinded me.

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