LumaSharpen - Best Pattern?

4 years 9 months ago #1 by MonarchX
LumaSharpen - Best Pattern? was created by MonarchX
I did my research and came across these explanations, but they haven't really explained to me about which Pattern type produces the highest-quality sharpening. The article stated that they all work about the same, but I disagree. I see an obvious difference between Screenshot 001, which uses Pattern 2 and Screenshot 002, which uses no-longer-existing Pattern, a slightly improved version of Pattern 4 as far as I understand.

Since Pattern 9 is an improved version of current Pattern 4 and since Pattern 2 is "a good compromise between speed and quality", which assume refers to Pattern 1 (Speed) and Pattern 3 (Quality), it makes sense that Pattern 3 (Wider) is of higher quality than Pattern 2. It also seems that patterns are listed from lowest quality to highest quality, making Pattern 4 the best pattern for the highest-quality sharpening. Assuming I do see an obvious difference between Pattern 2 and the non-existing Pattern 9 (which is like Pattern 4 with tiny improvements), it makes sense to assume that I will see at least some improvement of Pattern 4 over Pattern 1, won't I?

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