New to reshade looking for a profile for emulators

4 years 3 months ago #1 by schmutzbrust
Hello from Germany :)

A Youtube Clip brought me here. I'm not familiar with this tool, just installed it and tested out a bit. I would love to use it for some emulators and low res games, but i don't know how to find/or make what i'm looking for. :/

I don't need complex stuff, just a few filters and scanlines like some emus are using. Looking for:

- 25% Scanlines / 50% Scanlines / 75% Scanlines
- Filters/Enhancements like: Super2xSal/Egale and so on
- strech image in full screen

I guess some kind of upscaling is not possible?

it would be great, if someone could me help out with this...

Sorry for poor english

Best wishes

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