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CeeJay, I wonder if there is something you can assist me with!

I've noticed that SMAA is causing microstutter along with a 'full' stutter every few minutes in some games, notably BF4 (very noticeable) and Smite (somewhat noticeable). If i keep Reshade enabled but disable SMAA via the config the game is buttery smooth.

For reference the other effects I use in BF4 are Lumasharpen, LiftGammaGain, Vibrance, Curves and sometimes cartoon. None of these seem to induce stuttering.

5960X, 780 GTX SLI

My SMAA settings are as follows:

/ SMAA Anti-aliasing settings /
#define SMAA_THRESHOLD 0.10 //[0.05 to 0.20] Edge detection threshold. If SMAA misses some edges try lowering this slightly. I prefer between 0.08 and 0.12.
#define SMAA_DEPTH_THRESHOLD 0.001 //[0.001 to 0.100] Depth edge detection threshold. Same as above but for the depth edge detection. This can go insanely low and still look good.
#define SMAA_MAX_SEARCH_STEPS 98 //[0 to 98] Determines the radius SMAA will search for aliased edges
#define SMAA_MAX_SEARCH_STEPS_DIAG 16 //[0 to 16] Determines the radius SMAA will search for diagonal aliased edges
#define SMAA_CORNER_ROUNDING 25 //[0 to 100] Determines the percent of antialiasing to apply to corners. 0 seems to affect fine text the least so it's the default.

// -- Advanced SMAA settings --
#define SMAA_EDGE_DETECTION 1 //[1|2|3] 1 = Luma edge detection, 2 = Color edge detection, 3 = Depth edge detection
#define SMAA_DIRECTX9_LINEAR_BLEND 0 //[0 or 1] Using DX9 HARDWARE? (software version doesn't matter) if so this needs to be 1 - If not, leave it at 0.
//Enable this only if you use a Geforce 7xxx series or older card, or a Radeon X1xxx series or older card.

// -- SMAA Predication settings --
#define SMAA_PREDICATION 0 //[0 or 1] Enables predication which uses BOTH the color and the depth texture for edge detection to more accurately detect edges.
#define SMAA_PREDICATION_THRESHOLD 0.001 // Threshold to be used in the depth buffer.
#define SMAA_PREDICATION_SCALE 2.0 // How much to scale the global threshold used for luma or color edge detection when using predication
#define SMAA_PREDICATION_STRENGTH 0.4 // How much to locally decrease the threshold.

// -- Debug SMAA settings --
#define SMAA_DEBUG_OUTPUT 0 //[0 to 4] 0 = Normal, 1 = edgesTex, 2 = blendTex, 3 = areaTex, 4 = searchTex - Only for troubleshooting. Users don't need to mess with this.

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Actually maybe this was something to do with Reshade 18.1, 18.3 this issue doesn't seem to be occuring

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Kleio420 wrote: note tho 0.20 is usually more effective for any temporal smaa effect like tx2 or smaax4 pretty sure there is one more version of this that only uses msaa x2 that is a different supersampling method then tx2 but cant think of the name atm. Below are settings i use generally normally you want to use luma detection

Wait! Are you saying we can finally use SMAA temporal AA (t2x) in SweetFX? I didn't quite understood what you were saying, but I have been looking for a temporal AA solution for BF4 since forever. I can't make any AA look good on that game mainly because what pisses me off the most is the shimmering on fine objects. And the in-game FXAA is a blurry mess.

Also, why do you recommend luma detection over color detection?

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