How does the "palette" function work?

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How does the "palette" function work? was created by matsilagi
I see it has some RGB values, but how it works exactly? I wanna make the Quake palette on it for other games (just to see how it would look in its old brown-ish 1997 wonderfullness) but i dont know how to config it exactly, which is why i created this thread.

What values does what? I can easily color-pick the original values from the palette, so thats not a problem for me.

EDIT:NVM, already did, however, the effect is not the one i desired :v , bet with some color changing based on the Quake palette, i can get where i want, which is, the cool brown-looking colors from Quake.
Also, possible idea for feature? Add support for Quake palettes (which are basically a fixed 256 colors palette): :P (Or any oldschool palettes in general)

Here's its palette for reference:
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