Question about change type of CA, possible?

5 years 5 months ago #1 by n3villeB
Hello everyone, in the beginning sorry at my English and any errors;/ if they. Someone may understand me,please God :silly: I use to SweetFX: v2.0 Preview 7, I thing its great, in total as all CeeJay's SweetFX, but i would ask Is it possible to change ChromaticAberration to the version that I once saw in a package prepared by Boulotaur2024 or avaliable in Framework (MartyMcF effect).? Personally I preferred it more than the current. I tried to change files/add new shaders but my knowledge as you can see there is insufficient :lol: In current version i've tried to change type (but there wrote :Settings for unfinished part of the effect:) so i would like original(1) style, no new(2), but changes does nothing. I've interesting 3 - tv style. So this is unfinished. Unless. Someone of you, gentlemen, know how add/change shader to old CA? I look also the new version of Mr Jensen's SweetFX. Maybe there will be a possibility to select the version. I'm sorry if you did not understand me, English also is too hard to me(except replace files :side:) Pozdrowienia dla wszystkich.

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