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2 years 1 month ago #1 by jdwclemson
Quick Start Install Instructions was created by jdwclemson
This may be second nature to many people, but after reviewing the files and instructions online, I am still unable to figure out the specific steps to install reshade for S3D on games.

I was given this link to download the .exe, but the latest version is 3.4 from over a year ago:

1. Install Superdepth.fx to the program exe folder and the corresponding reshade 3 exe to link the dll.
2. Launch game and Press Shift F2 to run the tutorial and setup for either SBS or Top Bottom.
3. Press F6 to enable SBS mode or F7 to enable Top Bottom.

Unfortunately these instructions leave lot of room for assumption and error, so I would appreciate if somebody could give me a more specific or detailed set of instructions so I understand how to get this to work. For example, what do you do with the reshade set up? What is the purpose of the reshade32 vs reshade 64 dll files? How do you link the dll's and what do you link them to? I've had to give up on stereoscopic 3d over the past few years because it was challenging to get it to work, so I would appreciate anybody who can help me enjoy 3d once again.

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2 years 4 weeks ago #2 by Wicked Sick
Replied by Wicked Sick on topic Quick Start Install Instructions
I am not familiar with the usage of the 3D shader, but there's a topic for it in here: reshade.me/forum/shader-presentation/212...-stereoscopic-shader

I think you should download ReShade only from this source at the home page.
Run the installer and select the game.exe (not the launcher, if it has one) then choose the right API for the said game (D3D9, DX10/11, opengl).
The default key to open the ReShade's overlay is Shift+F2.

The step 3 on your potst shows that the person who uploaded it has already assigned the keys F6 and F7 to some shaders, you can do it yourself too.

The purpose of the ReShade 32/64 is for when you have to pick one of the DLLs and put into the game's folder accordingly to it's need. If the game has a 64 bit executable, you should use the ReShade 64 bit and rename it accordingly, the same thing if it is a 32 bit game.

I did not understand that part "How do you link the dll's and what do you link them to?"

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