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4 years 1 month ago - 4 years 1 month ago #1 by mbah.primbon ReShade Shaders Repository Index was created by mbah.primbon
ReShade Shaders Repository Index

Since 4.5.3 version, crosire added support for multiple shader repositories to download from github.
and sometimes people get struggled to find another custom shaders which available outside.
so, this is a thread which containing reshade custom shaders github repositories that i found.

Marty McFly's Ambient Obscurance (MXAO), Advanced Depth of Field (ADOF), Screen Space Reflection, Bloom, Sharpen and Lightroom

Color Isolation, AspectRatio Composition, Hotsampling Helper, Comic, RemoveTint, and others

a collection of ported Retroach shaders to ReShade (Mostly CRT shaders)

a collection of ported Shadertoy shaders to ReShade

a collection of ported Unity Asset shaders to ReShade (VHS, Ditherpack, RetroTV)

a collection of ported shaders from many sources to ReShade (CRTs, Pipboy, Oscilloscope)

a collection of shaders by luluco250 (Arcane Bloom, Magic Bloom, Mat Cap, Hex Lens Flare)

a collection of shaders by FransBouma (Cinematic DOF, Emphasize, Adaptive Fog)

a collection of custom shaders by Fubaxiusz (Perfect Perspective, Chromakey, Filmic Anamorphic Sharpen)

a collection of ported filmic tonemap shaders to ReShade (Hejl ALU, Reinhard, Uncharted)

a collection of shaders by brussell1 (Fake DOF, Eye Adaptation)

a collection of shaders made by prod80 (DOF, Flares, Bloom, Tonemapping, Sharpening)

a collection of shaders made by guestrr (Bumpmapping, Deblur, Fast Sharpen)

a Film Simulation LUT Pack, with various screen overlay options (currently only works on DX10/DX11 API)
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