Problem with FILMIC PASS in Reshade 4 - who is the Author of this Shader?

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1 week 1 day ago - 1 week 1 day ago #1 by MassiHancer
Hi guys, I think this topic it's important since I made some tests and I found a problem with this Shader.
The problem is that this shader was ported to reshade 3 and 4, but it's a lot different from it's original form.

This Shader was really good I used it frequently to add "Fade "and a bit of color grading in the past.
Unfortunately, now you can try any setting, but this shader tends to crush Blacks a lot and the Whole image it's filtered like you are looking it trough sunglasses, seems filmic pass with reshade 4, removes contrast...
"CeeJay" told me in discord that Judging from the source code maybe it look like someone took a look at the tonemap.fx he ported originally and then made their own with new features. (that maybe was an idea to improve it, but the original shader it's better under any aspect )
It would be Amazing if someone can told me who is the author of the shader and if there is any idea to improve/fix it, please.
I can post also a couple of Pics with and without filmic pass to understand how Blacks are crushed by it.

without filmic pass:

with filmic pass:
I know that there are great shaders that can restore the contrast or fix a bit the problem, but I'm trying just to fix the "filmic pass" as it was in the past, so any help would be appreciated.


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1 week 17 hours ago - 1 week 17 hours ago #2 by Antony88
nice topic, I remember that shader.
judging your screenshots, the one without filmic pass it's better in contrast, but the Sky and the Background are better with the filmic pass ON. I guess that the new filmic pass in Reshade 4 has a different Black Point or tonemap that its less realistic.
I agree with you the old Filmic pass.fx shader was better.
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6 days 21 hours ago - 6 days 21 hours ago #3 by MassiHancer
Unfortunately I don't see much people interested to fix this shader, I still can't find the Author of porting filmicPass.fx it would be easy to modify it.
It's strange that I opened this topic just because some guys asked me in discord how they can get similar results of mine, so I guess some people could be interested in fixing least the shader devs or the author itself.

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