How to use SweetFX Presets using latest Reshade (4.7.0)

5 months 2 weeks ago #1 by ExodusV
Hello! I'm trying to use one of the presets of an old game called F.E.A.R.

I was able to successfully install Reshade 4.7.0 (using Direct X 9) as well as being able to pull the layout and add shaders in the game which tells me that it is indeed working.

But how do you use SweetFX presets? I read a guide that in order to install SweetFX presets you have to modify the SweetFX Settings Text file replace (Copy and Paste) it with actual preset text file that you want.

I have all the default installations (plus Otis + Colors), but after installing it. There's no Sweet FX folder or settings file despite being included in Option 2 of the installation part.

Is there a way to use a SweetFX presets in Reshade (4.7.0)? Or do I have to revert to old Reshade versions?

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