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Hello, (sorry for this weird questions)

I am a noobie, and I want to know few things about reshade

1. in the default values on the few shaders that I always use ( Fake HDR, lumasharpen, Smaa, vibrance, liftgammagain)
which one do I need to adjust to make the characters skins not redish looking? and what will be the value or number to do?

2. Some games don't have brightness settings or if they have it sometimes it's limited
is there a shade that increase the overall game brightness without making the already bright stuff like the sky and lights
super brights? I ask this because fake HDR sometimes make somethings too dark in game specially in night time.

Thanks in advanced!!


Note: will be interesting if someone ever do a comparison from a real HDR (not reshade use) game and fake HDR (and all other reshade settings , just for fun :)
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