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selecting presets was created by jtempler
I am new to XPlane and Reshade, so sorry for the lame question to follow:  I have downloaded several presets for Reshade.  They appear to be loaded correctly, but I can't figure out how to "select" them on the Reshade Home page. I do not see the presets listed on the main Reshade options page.    At the top of the page there is a menu choice called Settings.  When I click on that, I see the presets listed, with a file folder icon to the left of the name.  There is a menu choice below that that says "select."  When I highlight the preset from the list and hit Select, nothing happens.  The instructions for one of the presets says "Download my preset, install it on the XPlane root, and when the Reshade home page comes up when the sim is open, "select my preset."  Onlly the instructions don't say how to do that.  II'm sure its obvious, but not to this newby.

Also,  is there a published list of the effects of the various Reshade options listed on the main page and what they "do"?

Thnanks very much!


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