Help me to create Reshade preset like on this screenshot !!!

2 weeks 5 days ago #1 by wockeez
Hi darlings
I really want to play GTA 5 with this color correction, but i have an AMD videocard ( rx 580 8gb ). I hope that it is possible to create Reshade preset like on the screen (or something similar) without loss the FPS ( or minimalize it ). Please, help me to do it, because i don't understand the Reshade settings.
Warning: Spoiler!

Warning: Spoiler!

Translation the settings on first screenshot:
Exposition: -12%
Contrast: 52%
Illuminate: -100%
Shadows: -72
Gamma: 28%
Shade color: 100%
Hue saturation: 10%
Temperature: -12%
Saturation: 100%

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