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4 years 8 months ago - 4 years 8 months ago #21 by OtisInf
I wrote a reply but when posting 'my session was expired', so let's leave it at that. I don't get why you think you need to lecture me on morality? Why so defensive? I only tried to help you so the tool gets better and everybody benefits. If you think I'm after your code to write something like the mediator, you're mistaken, I don't need a byte from your code to write that kind of tooling in a heartbeat ;) (I do this for a living you know, for a loooooooong time already)

Anyway, I think you should lighten up a little, Lucifer! ;) Resharper and other tooling do in VS.NET decompilation of code when you step into the method and you don't have the sourcecode, on the fly, during debugging sessions. A .NET dev has to decompile / peek into .NET BCL libs sometimes to know what's going on, as not everything is documented. I.o.w.: you will do it too, as you have to. Not to steal some secret or some code, but to figure out what's going on, why you get back value X and not Y.

Btw, peeking into a fx file of a game, is the same thing. I'm sure you have done that too ;)

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4 years 8 months ago #22 by Ganossa
I am neither on the defensive nor trying to lecture you. The only thing I do is replying on what you wrote which was -among many other things which we also could discuss normally

I decompiled Mediator with ILSpy and had a look (sorry!)

Why cant I comment on it too? .oO
Sometimes thats a simple opinion, agreement, disagreement, new thoughts or explanations.

As said its totally up to you what you think is wrong or right as long as you can live with it.
From your intention point of view I appreciate the idea behind it but since I was not asked its in my understanding not the correct procedure. Its not like I wasn't available to be asked for information before you appology o.o

The source is nothing of value and I never claimed anything else. I do not even add additional protection or license. Just how would these facts justify doing wrong?

-and no, I actually never opened up any fx files of a game. I did not need it yet but that also does not mean I never do wrong things which I would also never claim...its still something I know and also am able to talk about.

Anyhow, welcome to the team :silly:

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4 years 8 months ago #23 by OtisInf
Ah if you want to be asked, I'll ask next time :) Sorry I stepped over a line, that was not my intention at all. :)

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