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TOPIC: Experimental UE4-Like Lens Flare

Experimental UE4-Like Lens Flare 4 days 23 hours ago #1

I was curious about replicating the UE4 lens flare effect, I don't think it's good enough yet, but I'd like to hear some opinions.

Get it here: HexLensFlare.fx

Here it is in motion

This has been explored here before, but I don't know if anything came out of it.

One way I'm thinking of improving it is using a single flare blurred texture and then scale it to create the other flares, this way I could have separated flare blur sizes, rather than all of them being blurred equally. Also maybe throw in some lens distortion somewhere.
Likes to reinvent the wheel.

My shaders repository: www.github.com/luluco250/FXShaders
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