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FakeDOF 2 months 1 week ago #1

Some time ago someone requested some type of circular tilt shift shader and I decided to enhance my personal solution into something more advanced.
FakeDOF replaces the real depth information with a customizable texture. Use it if the depth buffer can't be read, doesn't work properly, or simply for artistic purpose.
Note that FakeDOF itself doesn't blur/apply bokeh, you have to use one of the DOF Shaders for that task.

Example shots with centered focus parameters + MatsoDOF(Doom3):

Download FakeDOF.fxh and ReShade.fxh (latter is necessary since FakeDOF needs to replace the GetLinearizedDepth function) from my repository.

To enable FakeDOF, set the preprocessor definition "RESHADE_USE_FAKE_DEPTH". After that, parameters should show up in the list of shaders.
Here is a demonstration configuration video (with displaydepth enabled).
For now, you can change the blur curve and focus radius via the three parameters a, b, c.
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FakeDOF 2 months 19 hours ago #2

What ReShade settings are you using dude? Looks great.
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