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TOPIC: Reduced vignetting in Red dead Redemption 2

Reduced vignetting in Red dead Redemption 2 1 week 6 days ago #1

Okay, maybe this is peanuts for all you ReShade die hards, but as a total novice I am (a bit) proud of it.
Right from the start RDR2 was released for PC, the vignetting was really annoying to me. And others to I did read on Reddit and so on.
So last week I was tweaking with the Vignette settings and discovered that it can be a negative vignette too: brighter at the edges.
So with some fiddling and creative brainstorming (I know zip about the FX coding or whatever), I managed to get a mod for RDR2 where the vignetting overall is reduced.
But it also has a key toggle where the vignetting at night times can be reduced even more and back to normal reduced vignetting for day time :)
It uses 2 Vignette.fx files and had to rename one. So with permission of Crosire (thanks!) I altered a Vignette.fx, renaming the Technique and file name, et voila :cheer:
One drawback: when on the upper edge, sun and moon surroundings are brighter now too. So had to balance that.
I really would like it to be dynamic but like I said: novice :P
Mod can be found on https://www.nexusmods.com/reddeadredemption2/mods/160

And here some screenshots.


Reduced vignette


Reduced vignette
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