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TOPIC: RBM Brightness Threshold

RBM Brightness Threshold 3 years 4 days ago #1

Would it be possible to add a threshold to the brightness of the objects that are reflected in the environment? I was thinking about specular lights in games, and I thought about how RBM reflects almost all of the colors in a scene without any option to limit the amount that appears in the reflections. If a threshold was added, It would allow RBM to be used as a sort of screen space specular light effect if the threshold was set high enough. It would allow users to use RBM to add more controlled reflections on bright objects such as light sources instead of reflecting all objects at once, which looks weird in some cases.

Obvious Example:
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RBM Brightness Threshold 2 years 11 months ago #2

I dig that idea, it's a really cool effect and I would love to see more improvements for it.
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