In-Game Control (Keyboard as IPC)

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In-Game Control (Keyboard as IPC) was created by Ionman
Hello, I wanted to propose expansion of the _ToggleKey mechanism to also allow for _EnableKey and _DisableKey defines which could turn an effect on and off without respect to its current state.

I use ReShade to improve the naturalism of Arma 3. I also have a keyboard stuffer connected directly to the game's scripting engine which I use for a variety of tasks like putting stance control on the mouse wheel. I thought it would be really cool to craft a preset to improve the game's rather lacklustre Night Vision effects. In fact I think there might be a tonne of applications in Arma, like enabling Cubic Lens Distortion when switched to a vehicle's camera screen or creating suppression effects when under fire or close to an explosion.

Can't make this work with just _ToggleKey because I can't reliably know if an effect is currently on or off but it would be viable if I could always just turn it on or off. On the face of it this might seem a narrow application but I know people already use AutoHotKey for preset control and it may be that there are other games that could capitalise on this functionality.

Even better would be if _Start_Enabled could be defined for individual effects.

Thanks for your work.

EDIT: Sorry, suspect I should have posted this in the Application > Suggestions forum.
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