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TOPIC: FarCry 4 Shaders

FarCry 4 Shaders 1 year 2 months ago #1

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Can There be a tonemap shader like we saw in FarCry 4? Also Can Anyone Programme A Shader For The SSBC Ambient Occlusion And Alpha-To-Coverage(ATOC)?

I know its Not Possible for ATOC as It uses MSAA but can anyone make anything similar?
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FarCry 4 Shaders 1 year 2 months ago #2

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SSBC is short for Screen Space Bent Cone AO. When working at MXAO I experimented with bent normals and bent cones but it really is not worth it. Basically a bent cone ao is nothing else than an accumulation from which direction comes the least occlusion (direction of the cone) and how much occlusion (wider cone = less occlusion). This is however just a thought experiment, it looks a lot different in code. And as I said, bent cone AO does not look that good, horizon based sampling is almost same and looks better. Bent normals can be useful fo indirecg/direct light distribution but that would require reading such data from the game or using arbitrary constants.
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