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TOPIC: Retro Dithering And Upscaled Resolution Effect

Retro Dithering And Upscaled Resolution Effect 3 years 5 months ago #1

Would it be easy to implement a shader or shaders to get an old school look like in these screenshots?

I'm aware of the dos shader but its not very configurable. I'd like to be able to get a configurable upscaled resolution effect, where for example you can enter in a resolution of say 640x480 and have it upscaled so there's a nice chunky pixelated effect, like in this video.

A configurable retro dithering effect like those in the screenshots above would be great too. I'm aware of a few shaders on the unity asset store that do this so its entirely possible, its a matter of interest in doing one for reshade i guess. Would anyone else be interested in something like this?

Heres an example of 1 bit dithering, on a unity demo showcasing a dithering shader for unity.


EDIT - I completely forgot about genossas dithering shader, its actually great but I think it would benefit more from more parameters to tweak like the dos shader.
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