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TOPIC: [SUGGESTION] Add xBRZ filtering to reshade

[SUGGESTION] Add xBRZ filtering to reshade 2 years 5 months ago #1

I was wondering if it was possible to port xBRZ filtering into reshade at 2x ,4x and 6x. 6xBRZ is amazing, but has a performance cost, so the option for 2x and 4x being also available would be great for those that get performance issues on 6x. 6xBRZis my favorite filter, and I hav it in my GBA emulator, SNES and my PS1 emualator, It actually makes a small resolution Game Boy Advance game look alright on my 27" 1080p monitor!

I use the current reshade on the PC Metroid II remake AM2R, and the HQ4x imporoves it drastically. 6xBRZ would make this game look boss! It would als be good for the plethora of "Rogue-like" games flooding Steam (provided they use DX9, DX10/11 or OpenGL2.0+)
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