Some ideas for shaders that could benefit VA panel

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2 years 4 months ago #1 by igluk
Hey! Since there are so many VA gaming monitors out there now I had some ideas for shaders that could help compensate for some of the inherent issues of this panel technology. I don't know much about shader programming so I hope none of those sound too idiotic/infeasible.

- Edge Saturation Shader
VA Weakness: Colour saturation loss around edges due to viewing angles
Function: Selective saturation of edges. Like combining vignette shader with vibrance and instead of darkening edges it saturates the edges.

- Motion Sharpening/Software Overdrive
VA Weakness: Increased motion blur due to slower pixel response times, increased motion blur due to low refresh rate/LCD sample-and-hold effect (this affects all panel types)
Function: Like motion blur but instead of blurring it sharpens the image when motion is detected.

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