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TOPIC: Fake Volumetric lighting/Light Shafts

Fake Volumetric lighting/Light Shafts 3 weeks 5 days ago #1

Hi guys, I have another question that i'm 95% sure can't be done but I hope you guys don't mind me asking anyway. It's kind of hard to explain so i'm sorry for the long text, but here it goes...

In games that have post process light shafts, the shafts can give a pretty decent impression of fake volumetric lighting. However this is only the case when the light source (sun, in this instance) is on the screen, and the light shafts are coming right at you.

As you gradually pan the screen away from the sun, the light shafts even start to cast horizontally across the screen, which looks really nice imo, and somewhat resembles the appearance of genuine volumetric lighting...(This is the aspect that i'm ultimately going to ask about emulating)

When the light source is completely off the screen however, there are literally no light shafts at all, and this leaves the game world looking much more lifeless and sterile than when the light shafts were cast.

Is there any way that you guys can think of to fake volumetric light shafts by making them cast across the screen at very wide angles? (even when the light source is not technically visible to the players)

I remember reading a post by MartyMcFly saying that his MXAO shader could take samples from the environment from outside the screen border (when the sample radius is set too high)... is that type of thing exploitable with reshade, in a way that we can take information from outside of the visual buffer? I might've misinterpreted what he meant...If so. any other ideas? :)

Edit: I'm really sorry about the wall of text, i tried to consolidate as best i could :blink:

Edit 2: This might be a far-fetched idea too but, would it theoretically be possible to use your mouse (or some other method) to click on the sun, and then that point is temporarily saved and used as a reference to dictate what direction light shafts/lighting effects should come from? I'm not aware of how/if reshade would be able to store and utilize that type of locational information, but that would allow for so many advanced rendering tricks it'm excited just thinking about the possibilities :cheer:
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