ReShade Lensflare Algorithm

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ReShade Lensflare Algorithm was created by R3AP3RK1NG
Hello members and moderators of,

at first - I don't know how ReShade is working technically, but I enjoy it very much, to play with different adjustments.

Since saturday the 04.08. - I'm a player of Dying Light... I missed that game at release, because my rig weren't able to handle such past-time "NextGen" games.
Today I'm happy that my current rig is able to handle it greatly.
I realized, that the game is full of effects and overlays, who aren't included in newer games "today"... but why?!
It feels like cinematic and some of the options are possible to compare and include by ReShade in other games today, but here's a point where I have to say "not in this quality" and that takes me to the question "is it possible to compare those effects by ReShade in other game in the same quality?".

Lensflares - those are extremely dynamic - the way you move in different angles to the lightning source, are resulting in lensflares in different angles and not like ReShade, only for a specific range of "lightning degree" ind "specific angle". Is it possible to compare that? - I'm mostly useing MagicBloom for Dirttextures and Bloom for lensflares and godstreams - still great, but the lensflare with some reflections is for my taste too static, you know?

The next question is "Is someone working on a shader, who is able to implement renderings for HEATWAVES in the distance/backround?".
I would love to see this effect in some games.

The last is very specianlized, because I thought of some way the drivers are working and how strange it is, that the releasedate of a new GFC, the middle-range cards are very close to the performance of the high-end cards... but 3 driverupdates later, the performance difference between those cards is increased (like Tom Clancy's GHOST RECON: Wildlands with a MSi nVidia GTX 1060 6Gb comparison to 1080 8Gb), so it seems like programming performance decreasement.
Maybe it's wrong and because of other things, I don't know... how ever, I played at first with straight 60-70fps, after 3 driverupdates I ended at 30-40fps... so I think that I'm not wrong with this experience.

Is someone deeply invloved into gfc-calculations, to be able to answer me the question "is there a way, to overwrite the way the gfc is calculating the image, that it would be possible, to increase the performance, by the decreased calculations for 3D-Obects in the distance (modell and texture as well as AA and AF)?".
I came to this idea, because I use DOF in FF XV f.e. and I would like to be able to decrease the details of the distance, where DOF is taking effect - you know? - Everything in the distance what's overlayed with blurr, don't need to be calculated so much, because it's already unsharp.- As a goal it would be ending in performance increasement, because of lowered requirements.

The last question is and I'm sorry, because I'm brand new in adjustments of ReShade, but I would like to be able to set the DOF more detailed, I got rough transitions of DOF (MagicDOF Setting) in Jurassic World: Evolution, am I adjusting the wrong option, to get softly transitions or is there another option who calcutlates the more better, to get a more better transition-effect between sharp and blurred?

For everything needed, like Screenshots/Ingame Videos, I can share my stuff for better understanding, if needed.

I got some selfmade textures and texture-changes (Dirt-Texture), who I would also share - you can take a look on it here:

1'st) ReShade-Thread for Endless Space 2 here

2'nd) Some Ingame-Video(s) here, with my settings and exchanged texture you can re-inspect here

Additional to this, I can share images and videos for Dying Light, for the differences to ReShade.

Thank you, for your attention, I'm looking forward to your replys,
with friendly greetings,

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