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TOPIC: Image Resize/Stretch

Image Resize/Stretch 1 year 1 month ago #1


I'm looking for a shader that can resize/crop/stretch the display to fit all the screen.
Let me explain the purpose of this:

This is the game running at 1024x720, this is the smallest resolution the game allows.

If we stretch the image we get this result in a 16:9 monitor.

This is how it would look like with the game display streched, cropping the top and bottom of the screen.

wlfr's Magnifier does something similar but it cannot stretch the image afaik.
This also can be useful for games that use letterboxing when a 4:3 resolution is selected but your display is 16:9.

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Image Resize/Stretch 6 months 2 weeks ago #2

I'd like this too. Particularly the crop option, as sometimes you can get garbage in the margins of a 4:3 frame when using Reshade. Would be great to crop that out.
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