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TOPIC: Screen uniformity correction

Screen uniformity correction 3 weeks 5 days ago #1

Hi, my first post!

I've come to realise that reshade can probably be used to correct screen uniformity issues. In my case I am usng a front projector for gaming but due to the lensshift of the projector I have a visible tint going on from left to right over the screen. Most projectors exhibit this to some degree. From left to right it goes green tint->purple tint ->green tint. It's the kind of thing that when you start noticing it you can't unsee it. So the request is for a shader through which I can negate this tinting/uniformity issue. Think LUT but for the individual pixels. I imagine this already exists in some form?

Ideally I'd like to measure the uniformty deviations with displaucal/hcfr/argyllcms and then through a manual or automated process create a screen uniformity correction matrix/lut that would be applied by reshade. Happy to help in any way i can by testing and bouncing ideas. I might attempt to try and code it myself one day but if any of you know of an existing shader or is interested in creating one it would be great. Oveall I imagine a screen uniformity correction shader would be a huge deal to photographers, creators etc too in order to get more consistency out of their monitors (specifically I'm thinking backlight brightness deviations now, but the principle for applying the uniformity correction could be the same as for my tinting issue)

Any takers? :)
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Screen uniformity correction 3 weeks 2 days ago #2

This would be possible, but anyone working on such problem has to have projector uphand.
Maybe if you provide high-quality photograph of the issue, like an uniform gray image from the projector.
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Screen uniformity correction 1 week 6 days ago #3

I wrote a simple shader for this problem, I tested it with a bad camera on my monitor with backlighting problems.

Shader and how to here :

Maybe, the effect will be different with a projector, feedback is welcomed. ?
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