Graphic Novel and Black Lines

1 year 10 months ago #1 by ModKujo
Graphic Novel and Black Lines was created by ModKujo
Good Evening All,

I'm working to find some combination of filters to create a black and white graphic novel style to overlay on games that I play. I'm reaching back into my childhood to comics like Bone, Zits, graphic novels, and those Dungeons & Dragons characters that filled the corners of the manuals as inspiration. They all had one thing in common, a solid black line with a few details here and there so that you understood that there was texture.

I've been searching for some time and testing out various Reshade builds starting from 3.0 and shaders to try and create this but I haven't been able to get close. I've been using Skyrim as my testing ground since its something that a lot of others have created shaders for.

The closest shaders that I found was created by nded as displayed here:

Through a number of Google searches, I found a few Reddit posts form nded where they mentioned using additional settings for the game itself to turn off lighting effects.

I'm not a graphics programmer but I do code in analytics so I'm deferring to your expertise in this. I think the main issue here is finding the edges based on the player viewpoint and then applying a solid line to that edge.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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