Adjustable Motion Blur

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5 years 2 months ago - 5 years 2 months ago #1 by Gigigonzalez
Hi all.

First of all, great tool here! Works flawlessly in DX11 :D

I have a suggestion, or a request even.

What about a Motion Blur Processing? With the main goal to smoothen games out that are low on frame rate.
Too much time i encounter games, especially MMO's which are so heavily CPU bound that its impossible to run at 30+ FPS even with high end PC's

Could a motion blur filter be used, preferably 'adaptive' that detects framerate and increase/decrease motion blur effect based on FPS? Not sure how it would have to be implemented;

- fill in the lost frame with an image that is a mixture of the frame before and after that?
- Detect FPS and simply smoothen out the image or with some prediction stuff, i dont know how motion blur works.

Its just a wild idea, im not even sure if its feasible and it would probably introduce increased latency, but for MMO's etc its not such a biggy.

There is literally nothing 'on the market' that does this.

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