Req a completely MANUAL DOF effect.

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Req a completely MANUAL DOF effect. was created by CrazyCrinx
Basically it's like all the DOF shaders already there, but the key thing is you manually set how far the "focus" point is, the shader doesnt try to calculate it, and theres no "autofocus", you can just input all the settings and its a static effect.

No shader I've found from all the ones you can install, has this ability. They either force an auto-focus effect or wont let you set exactly how FAR away the focus point is (some allow you to set an x+y position for a pixel it samples this from, but thats not what I want).

I should also add that this is for the EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR game, and none of the in built DOFs work because they all seem to think the far off horizon and sky are the background, and will either only blur the WHOLE image, or just foreground bits.
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