HDR fix tools request

9 months 3 weeks ago - 9 months 3 weeks ago #1 by AcidAesthetic
HDR fix tools request was created by AcidAesthetic
Seems like several games have broken HDR. Red Dead 2 and Cyberpunk2077 are some big names that come to mind.

LevelsPlus is the closest I've gotten to restoring luminance with the "Rec2020filmACES" option. But i feel like some color or luminance data is lost and also the levels don't play too nice. If that tool could be improved somehow, I feel like that one is great starting point.

A lot of fx shaders limit the range immediately once they switch on. You can see the highlights get dull and clip detail. We need more tools calibrated to manipulate HDR data. If there are some, pardon me for my ignorance and point me in the right direction,. But if not, I feel like this is a growing need for the HDR community.
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